Smokey Eyes | Date Night Makeup

Casey B >> 11/30/2015 >>

Here is my take on a classic look - the smokey eye. No night out is complete without some confidence and the perfect (and instant!) way to do that is with a sexy smouldering eye. 

My makeup techniques have progressed since the beginning (thankfully) so I wanted to recreate this look I did a while back using new (and better) products. 

This look is meant for people not afraid of a little makeup. The darkness can really add some drama that you may not be used to - that's okay! It's fun to try new things. 

Click on the play button below to watch the tutorial and scroll down further for a product list.

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Simple & Quick Everyday Makeup

Casey B >> 11/02/2015 >>
This everyday look has some of the basic components to it, but with a bit of a kick! Just to make it a little bit more fun and not so boring.

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Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Casey B >> 9/28/2015 >>

When trying to make your eyes appear larger, there are a few steps you can take to help accentuate this. 
  • First, apply a medium dark brown that is 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone, directly into the crease. (See video below for correct placement)

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I have been wanting to try this out for a long time now. I have I heard really great things. But I am so stuck in my old ways. I always find something I like and am scared to take a leap, shell out the cash and try something new. This time I decided to take a leap and just do it. I needed a new Primer anyway since I have used up all of mine on my lovely brides and their parties this summer.

After watching several YouTube reviews and reading a ton of Blog reviews, I decided I should just try it. So I did it! 

I am really happy I did! I was super happy with the outcome and just how great my skin looked. Generally I reach for Smashbox, which is more of a gel formula. The Lock It primer is more of a lotion style. 

I feel like my face looked more flawless after a day of wear with this as the base VS when I use no primer. 

In the video below, I try it out for the first time. In addition to wearing it all day and then giving my review at the end. Check it out to see the results! 

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Colourful Liner

Casey B >> 8/17/2015 >>
Sometimes it just a classic cat eye or winged liner look just isn't enough, and we want more, without really adding too much more. Adding a bright liner before your black liner will achieve a peek-a-boo effect allowing you to rock fun bright colours no matter the occasion. 

Here I have added a vibrant purple. So vibrant, in fact, the camera makes it look like blue pen ink. To see how I got this look, click the video below for a full, quick minute tutorial.

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