Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner Review

MissCaseyB >> 4/23/2015 >>

One of my go to products would have to be eyeliner. I just feel better when I have it on. Its just like mascara for me. I usually won't do one without the other, unless I am in a super big rush. I am not a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, I find it very difficult to use accurately. Specifically when I am working with clients. I much prefer to use an eyeliner pencil. I think they are less harsh than a liquid liner, easier to use, and look more natural - for the most part. 

Finding a really good quality liner is pretty difficult. Every brand out there has an eyeliner selection so its hard to know what is good and what you're just wasting your money on. And just because it is more expensive, doesn't necessarily mean its better, either! 

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April Sephora Haul

MissCaseyB >> 4/22/2015 >>

I picked up a few things online at Sephora for my upcoming wedding season. I am so excited that it is finally upon us! It was such a long winter and I just love meeting with all my brides and their family and friends. It is also an excuse to go shopping! I didn't get toooo many things, just a few necessities. I will be making another purchase in about a month, once wedding season has started. Can I just say how quickly Sephora got it to me? I ordered it Thursday, Good Friday through to Easter Sunday/Monday is a write off, then it actually arrived the Tuesday! I was quite impressed. I think next time I will order on a Monday and it would probably be here by Friday!

If you're interested in seeing the goodies I got, including my new favourite eyeliner, feel free to check out the video below:


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Colour for Spring

MissCaseyB >> 4/18/2015 >>

With Springtime and warming weather upon us, I was really inspired to do something with a little more colour and pop than I have been lately. When I first started YouTube, I was always doing some crazy colourful looks and I would really like to get back to that. 

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March 2015 Favourites

MissCaseyB >> 4/16/2015 >>
Here are some of the products I have been loving this past March! I haven't done a Monthly Favourites video in forever and I thought it might be fun to get back into them! It's also nice to share some of my current faves with you, and hopefully you let me know some of yours, too! 

If you don't know what a Monthly Favourites video is, it's simply a collection of some of the beauty related products I reached for the most over the past month. I like to incorporate some new products into my routine from month to month, (thanks in large part to your suggestions!) so I find these videos super helpful to grow mine/your collection and try new products. 

This month they are mostly budget friendly! I show you some of my favourite shades of Sally Hansens Gel Polish, my current favourite blemish buster and my favourite bronzer of the moment. To check them out, and so many more, be sure to check out the video below! 

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Favourite MAC Lipsticks

MissCaseyB >> 3/30/2015 >> ,
Here are some of my all time favourite lipsticks from MAC. These are perfect for the 
upcoming spring/summer season as most of them are bright! 
Candy Yum-Yum, Pink Nouveau, Creme Cup, Saint Germain, Viva Glam Nicki, Viva Glam Gaga 2
The reason I love MAC lipsticks is because the quality is quite amazing! They generally wear for four to six hours and all have a yummy, subtle vanilla flavour. 

My favourite formulas would be creme sheen, and satin but I also love the amplified, for obvious reasons (the pigmentation is insane!). 

For more on each colour, check out the video below :) 

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