Last week I picked up a new Foundation! If you've been with me for a while, you know I have been pretty true to my Annabelle SkinTrue line of foundation. I needed a refill of one of the shades for my kit so off to the beauty department I went. While there I was walking around and noticed this new foundation from Revlon. Well, new to me. I'm not entirely sure how long it's been out for. I felt like I neeeeeded to try it out. So I picked up a shade I thought would be the perfect refill for my kit. Turns out, it's actually not as fair toned as I thought and it was the perfect shade for me.

It is slightly more expensive than my other foundation (C$17.95) and has slightly less 30mL vs. 40mL.

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Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer Review

MissCaseyB >> 5/11/2015 >>

This summer is all about the bright lips and glowy faces! One of my all time favourite lip brands has up'ed the game with some truly pigmented, and affordable, lip lacquer. Keep reading to see which one is comparable to the OCC Lip Tar Anime (at a fraction of the cost)... 

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Prom is coming up and I know you want to look picture perfect! Its a special time that wraps up High school and it was something I personally really looked forward to! I wanted to create a video tutorial on a really easy-to-do bronze eye makeup tutorial for you to work off of for your big night! 

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Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner Review

MissCaseyB >> 4/23/2015 >>

One of my go to products would have to be eyeliner. I just feel better when I have it on. Its just like mascara for me. I usually won't do one without the other, unless I am in a super big rush. I am not a huge fan of liquid eyeliner, I find it very difficult to use accurately. Specifically when I am working with clients. I much prefer to use an eyeliner pencil. I think they are less harsh than a liquid liner, easier to use, and look more natural - for the most part. 

Finding a really good quality liner is pretty difficult. Every brand out there has an eyeliner selection so its hard to know what is good and what you're just wasting your money on. And just because it is more expensive, doesn't necessarily mean its better, either! 

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April Sephora Haul

MissCaseyB >> 4/22/2015 >>

I picked up a few things online at Sephora for my upcoming wedding season. I am so excited that it is finally upon us! It was such a long winter and I just love meeting with all my brides and their family and friends. It is also an excuse to go shopping! I didn't get toooo many things, just a few necessities. I will be making another purchase in about a month, once wedding season has started. Can I just say how quickly Sephora got it to me? I ordered it Thursday, Good Friday through to Easter Sunday/Monday is a write off, then it actually arrived the Tuesday! I was quite impressed. I think next time I will order on a Monday and it would probably be here by Friday!

If you're interested in seeing the goodies I got, including my new favourite eyeliner, feel free to check out the video below:


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